9 Signs You Should Make Him Engagement Chicken


engagement chicken
There are a few unconventional signs that he's a keeper.

6) He goes to the dentist 3 times every 2 years. A guy who hits the dentist on the regular has nice teeth and probably OK breath. Also, he probably takes care of himself to some degree. Be careful if he's too obsessed with dental hygiene.

7) He's on good terms with his mom. This one is a slippery slope; you want a guy who has a good relationship with his mom but not too close. This will save you a number of instances of accidentally/on purpose being called "mom."


8) He can sleep like a champion. One of the most important things in life is sleep. If he can sleep like a a narcoleptic ninja, that increases your chances of doing likewise. 

9) He's seen The Notebook. That movie was…terrible. But if he's willing to sit through it and not check his phone too many times, he's a keeper. If he's seen it multiple times…he may be a crier.

I would say to snap that boyfriend up if he's handsome, rich and has a great sense of humor, but there is only one Jimmy Fallon.

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