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7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are


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Why risk your life with plastic surgery when he prefers natural beauty?

4) Our clavicle and the curve of our neck.

Something about the clavicle is just irresistible to men. Perhaps it's the concavity of it, which makes it perfectly shaped for a quick inhale of our natural scent, or a lingering kiss. We don't mind this at all, as this part of our body is a major erogenous zone.

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5) Our belly button.

We don't understand it. After all, men have belly buttons, too. Perhaps we're just better at cleaning out the lint. (Kidding! Just kidding!)

6) Our curves.

The strength in our calves. The small of our back. Our generous hips that shimmy as we walk, and our grabbable booty. Everything about the way we're shaped screams Woman! to the men in our lives. For god's sake, don't shrink it with surgery. Work it!

7) Our boobage.

Okay. Technically, this shoud be counted in with our curves, but the boobs hold an allure for men that is unmatched by any other part of our body. They like to stare at them. They like to touch them. They like to put their mouth on them. They like to use them as pillows. It doesn't matter what size they are. I swear to you. Just the fact that you have them makes men crazy.

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Guys: Anything I'm missing here? (I'm sure there's a lot.) Share your favorite body parts with us in the comments below. Reassure us that you love love love a natural woman.

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