Recovering from painful break up


I was approached to work with a young single mum who had recently broken up with someone. The man she had invested several months in trying to develop a relationship with had shown in many ways that he was only involved with her for one reason. Although she had wanted more from the relationship and tried to discuss this with him each time they met, on his terms, the conversation was re-directed to the bedroom.
During the courtship, the young woman had become very insecure and searched for answers from everyone who knew her. Unable to find the solution to her problem, she called me. We talked over the phone for a period of weeks and unravelled the underlying cause of her distress. After several weeks of soul searching she was able to find the courage to call a halt to this unhealthy situation. We continued to talk during the next year as there was a considerable amount of work to do for her to become ready for a committed relationship. This involved getting to know herself and creating a vision for her life. Towards the end of the year she had grown so much and realised what she wanted in a relationship. We continued to talk and meet on a monthly basis as she needed me to provide ongoing support while she navigated her next relationship. Once she felt sufficiently comfortable within the relationship and had been able to negotiate the terms of the relationship with her new man, we spoke less and less until she felt confident enough to go it alone.

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