We Married For Health Insurance


marry for health insurance
Why did I marry my boyfriend after pondering it for a mere two hours? One reason: health insurance.

But the most common reaction was voyeuristic elation—from everyone, even my long-lost elementary school friends on Facebook. It was like I had become part of some coveted club, or even a higher-class citizen.  I understood more than ever why gay marriage was such a big deal. I also started to get why people become so wrapped up in weddings. It's your moment. All eyes are on you. Suddenly, everybody loves you!

Mine is a situation that's left me contemplating my principles. By getting insurance-married on the fly, did I "give in" or did I give tradition the finger? Maybe a little bit of both? I have nothing against weddings—nothing's better than a celebration of love—and if my husband and I decide to get married "for real," I'm sure we'll have an epic one. But the government certificate thing has always made me indignant, especially nowadays when the health insurance crisis looms large. Why should one be able to have health insurance more easily because they happen to be heterosexual? Or, for that matter, if they believe in the institution of marriage enough to support it?


Either way, our shotgun wedding was just as much of a gesture of love as anything else. People get married for a lot worse reasons than ensuring their loved one's health, safety, and peace of mind. And at the very least, now I know my vow of "in sickness and in health" is backed up by a PPO insurance plan.

Written by Nona Willis Aronowitz for The Frisky

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