Ever Feel Like Just Another Girlfriend?


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Combat feeling intimidated by your partner's relationship experience.

I have one ex who I would never, ever, ever take back. While I remember the relationship fondly, for the most part, I see it for what it was—right for that time in my life. I'm glad it was my first real relationship, but not my last. In a way, because this is my second time falling in love, I feel like a little kid in a candy store, just utterly ecstatic. Sometimes when we're lying together, I love him so much, I feel like it's bursting through my skin. I have actually done a jig! But he's been in love before, multiple times; he's had lots of relationships, plenty that have lasted longer than our relatively blissful (save a few arguments) three months—this must seem like old hat to him. He's been around the heart-shaped block a few times; this is nothing new to him. Since he's survived many a breakup before, maybe he doesn't share my fear of getting his heart broken—or breaking mine.

I know in my head that these insecurities are ridiculous, but most insecurities are and that doesn't stop us from having them. Have any of you ever felt intimidated by a significant other's relationship experience?

Written by Amelia McDonnell-Parry for The Frisky

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