What To Do With Your Ex's Stuff After A Breakup


What you should keep, what you should return, and what you should just toss after a breakup.

What You Should Give Back

At all times, keep in mind that you might have left some things at his place and behave accordingly. As tempting as it might be to slash his $2,000 Thom Browne suit into ribbons, try to maintain your sanity and return anything of real value. Example: he let you borrow his Wii or his convertible—give it back. All he left was his favorite t-shirt mixed in with your laundry? Screw it. Who doesn't need a new dust cloth?


How you go about making the swap depends on your comfort level. If you've had one of those mythical, amicable, mutually agreed-upon splits, then by all means, rally your team of fairies and unicorns and meet him for coffee. You can catch up and get your stuff back. But if the sight of him might cause you to go off the rails, there's always the USPS. If it's too big to mail, set a time for him to come pick up his crap, and try to keep your mouth shut and tears in check when he gets there. (Under no circumstances should you sleep with him!)

The Aftermath

Once all the reminders are tossed, tucked away, or returned to their rightful owner, you can get to the business of healing. And scrubbing that pea soup off the wall.

Written by Judy McGuire for The Frisky.

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