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Where's the love?


Ok, so I need some love advice. I'll try to break down everything as simply as possible. So I had a boyfriend and last year he dumped me in September. We had been together for about a year and he broke up with me saying that things weren't working out. The break up was a total shock to me because I thought things were fine and didn't realize he wasn't feeling the same way. Anyway, so after the breakup we didn't talk to each other for about five months and I was starting to finally get over him when he started talking to me again in February this year. Little by little we started hanging out and seeing each other again. So things led to another and we started sleeping with each other again as well. There is still really strong chemistry between us whenever we are together and we always have a pleasant time. The only thing is that we aren't really together....he doesn't call me his girlfriend or his ex. I know he has feelings for me but I'm not sure how strong they are. I'm not sure if I'm just a girl he wants for the moment or if it could be something more? I feel like we are just going in circles because one week we will be really connecting and then the next he isn't responding to my texts or just doesn't seem to want to hang out. I try to give him his space but I feel that everything is just a game to him. We hung out on Veteran's Day and the whole day was amazing and we talked every day for the next two weeks until this weekend. I usually am the first one to say something to him and the day after Thanksgiving I figured maybe HE will talk to me first. Well he hasn't said a word to me for the past two days and it is driving me crazy! It isn't normal for him to not send me a message for a whole day so I'm wondering if something is wrong. Am I wasting my time on this guy? And should I just comfront him and ask him what is going on or wait for him to tell me himself??


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