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So Ive been eyeing this guy fr a few months and can see on his face and how he act around me he was liked what he seen but since I be going inside his building of work it kinda hard for him to approuch me so he walked me out and I approuch him and he said hewould like very much to go out so we did for 3-4hrs for dinner so then he ask to meet up a couple days later! What Im confused at he wrote in email he wasnt at this time loking for anythingserious he was married for 2 yrs to a collage sweetheart and didnt work out so been devorced fr 1 1/2 yr and sold his home so he quoted he getting back on track but now he said he glad I got the courage to ask him to go out as thats not what he was looking even to do as I can say the same thing on my behalf! So what does that mean from a man point when he so happy to see me and want to go out again ad ask to stop over my place too?


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