10 Items Of His We'd Like To Toss


guy items we'd like to throw away
A lonely girlfriend destroys her boyfriend's Xbox, making us all daydream about the items we'd toss.

7) His Dirty Laundry

Because, for some reason, it never ends up in the hamper. Rather, it ends up in a growing pile in front of the closet door, and then his shoes can't be put away and end up where we're sure to trip over them and, someday, we're going to break our necks because of the damn laundry pile. Wives: Deal with Dirty Laundry


8) That Old T-Shirt With The Holes In It

Because people sometimes think we're dating a homeless man.

9) His DVD Collection

Because, sometimes, it seems that all he ever watches are cartoons. We love the occasional Family Guy and South Park episodes, but we also like to watch real people moving across the screen now and again. 3 Things Weeds Teaches Us About Love

10) His Blackberry

The worst offender of all, we'd like to do a lot more than just toss it out the window. We've actually had dreams of taking a sledgehammer to it, or throwing it out of a fast-moving car. Because he's always checking it—when we're out to dinner, when we're in the car together, when we have company over—and such behavior is rude. We love you, but it's rude.

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