Can Your Loved Ones Stay Friends With Your Ex?


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What to do when your family and friends have a hard time breaking up with your ex.

I talked to his mom a few days after my birthday and we avoided the subject of my ex almost entirely, though she did say she had mentioned to him that she had wished me a happy birthday. She said he seemed a little weird about it, which I suppose is fair and normal. I respect him for not getting angry or demanding that we cease contact, I respect his mom for, well, not really caring whether it bugs him, and I am doing my best to respect the relationship(s) in general, by not making him a topic of conversation when we do speak. Of course, if I actually did want to discuss my ex with his mom—and aside from a burning curiosity about whether he has introduced his parents to the aforementioned coworker, I really don't—that would be a sign that the friendship between us wasn't the healthiest thing for me, as I take the final steps in moving on with my life.

So, as far as keeping up relationships with an ex's family and friends goes, proceed with caution. [NYTimes]

Written by Amelia McDonnell-Parry for The Frisky

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