When Should You Have Children?


from the book Wonderful Marriage by Lilo and Gerard Leeds with Terrence Real:

Are You Ready to Have Children?

...The time is right when you both really want to have children, feel that you are capable and mature enough to raise them, are happy about your relationship (and are not thinking that children will "fix" anything that is wrong between you), and are prepared to change your lives.  The timing also depends upon whether it is more important to you to be a bit older and established in your career first, or to be young, energetic, and adaptable when your children are young.  Whether you start a family sooner or later can also depend upon how many children you expect to have, health and fertility issues, support you have from friends and family, and any other issues that are particularly important to one or both of you.  On the financial side, having the stability that comes with steady income, health insurance, and at least some savings can ease the challenges that come with this new stage of life.


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