"You Are Too Dirty" M2F

"You Are Too Dirty" M2F

During a period of time, I used to go to a dating site at all times, I was desperate to meet someone. I hate been single or alone. Time went by, and finally one of the most beautiful girls in the site replied after two emails I had sent. We started talking and it was just like if it was made for each other. We went out on a date and had a great time, after that she came to see and I ended going to see her.
She lives alone in a small apartment where she is trying to lift up and have a good life. I did not like a few things, her dog, is all over the place and sleeps with her, it smells like dog and I am allergic to animal hair. We had a great time and things started to roll very good. We ended up doing staff. The attraction for each other is very strong and we lost control. More and more happened the next time I went to see her, and the Dog was all over the place and even licking my toes. I was just about to kill the dog.
How in the world do I tell someone that I hate the fact that her place smells like dog, that she sleeps with her dog, that sometimes she speaks in ways that I stop to think if it came out of a very uneducated guy or this pretty girl? The end just to know that she doesn't do anything but sleeps and hang around all day everyday.
How can I do this!? I like her... I would love to try something, but she was clear when she say I am not going to change. Not for a guy.
I am the opposite of all that she is.
What should I do?


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