10 Men Sexier Than Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp As Sexiest Man?
Johnny, you've had your turn. Move over and make room for these other studs.

Ed Westwick

We don't mind your hairy chest, or the fact that you sometimes dress like a dandy. Chuck Bass, you cheeky bastard, come here with your tortured soul. Play mind games with us.


Gael García Bernal

He may be only 5'6" but we're still willing to have his genius, Latin indie babies. Whether it's in Y tu mamá también or The Science of Sleep, those eyes, those lips, the way he speaks, he makes us melt like butter.

John Cho

As a shy, funny nerd that got attractive (in a weird way) only as an adult, he still has a down-to-earth, easygoing vibe as the sexy FBI agent in Flash Forward. We admit, however, that our crush began when we first laid eyes on him as Harold in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

Cheyenne Jackson

This Broadway babe is prime-time's hunk du jour, giving us a whole new reason to turn into 30 Rock on Thursdays. He makes us forget all about our old-man crush on Alec Baldwin.

Rahm Emmanuel

As the right-hand man to the most powerful man in the world, he can bring his potty mouth and bedroom eyes over to our neck of the woods any day.

May we point out: we nominated these two last year, but they still were ignored by People magazine. 10 Men Sexier Than Hugh Jackman

Jon Hamm

Because he's transformed a character that on paper is a lying, cheating, moody, commitment-phobic, former car salesman, into a man we'd shack up with in seconds.

Robert Pattinson

We know, we know. He's over-exposed, and he does kind of look like a cartoon character. But if you still deny his hotness, this video compilation of his Vanity Fair pics will be sure to change your mind. 7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen


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