Do You Eat the Bear or Does The Bear Eat You?


You just left work 2 hours after you said you would and you're stuck in traffic that looks like the Santa Monica Freeway. Horns are blasting, you just swerved to miss a biker, and a truck tries to cut you off.
Your daughter in college just announced that she's planning to move back home with you, and your mother's just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.
You finally get off the highway and turn into the grocery store parking lot when the space you've been patiently waiting for disappears as some driver in an SUV as big as a stretch limo decides to pull in front of your car because she can.

You can deal with this stress on your own. You keep telling yourself that. But what if you knew that meditation, progressive relaxation, yoga, and guided imagery in addition to your regular workout routine has been proved to lower your heart rate, help you focus better, give you more energy and peace of mind?

When you're stressed, your muscles tense. It's harder to remember things, to retain and assimilate information.
Your work suffers, and so do you relationships. And life's supposed to be enjoyed, right? You get this one time only chance to live it and love it. So what can you do?
Read about the steps and techniques to reduce stress and create a more harmonious life at

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