7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen


Edward Cullen
Before Edward Cullen, these fictional hotties leapt off the page and into our hearts.

5) Westley/Farm Boy/The Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride)

Years before "Do I dazzle you?" became the quip heard 'round the world, "As you wish!" charmed us with its sweet, simple sincerity. Perhaps it goes without saying that a man gains epic status after his description of the one he loves moves a pirate captain to spare his life.


6) George Emerson (A Room With a View)

How would you feel if a handsome, mysterious acquaintance suddenly kissed you in a field full of flowers? How about if he told you that a man shouldn't treat you like "an object on a shelf," but rather, love you enough to give you independence? George, like Edward, is bit of a sulky bad boy; unlike Edward, however, George can steal clandestine kisses without feeling tempted to feast on his lady-love's jugular veins.

7) Mr. Darcy
(Pride & Prejudice)

No list of romantic heroes would be complete without Mr. Darcy. He's handsome, but cultured and intelligent. He's rich, but generous. He makes mistakes, but he's willing to redeem himself. Best of all, he goes out of his way for Elizabeth not just to impress her, but because he simply wants to help her out. As a bonus, Mr. Darcy was played by—who else—Colin Firth in the BBC series. Next time, producers should just work their Benjamin Button magic and let Colin Firth play Edward. Who knows, we might even swoon a little. 

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