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What to get for the guy who loves tech, sports, art, pop culture, food and music.

Rocker Guy

Bargain: Not wind, nor cold, nor sleet can keep him from his tunes. 180s gloves see to that, with their brilliant Tec Touch pods that help him operate his music device without having to remove his gloves. No matter how low the temperature drops, these lightweight, moisture resistant gloves will keep him plugged in and comfortable. ($40,



Mid-Range: Give your wannabe DJ a chance to strut his stuff. This home DJ Mixer comes complete with all the effect he'll need to rock his next house party, from a cross-fader to scratch sound effects. ($119,


Luxury: Yes, you're seeing correctly. The name of this season's music player does not begin with "i." Meet the Zune HD. The sleek all-in-one touch screen media player has high definition picture and sound, and grants him access to some fantastic local HD Radio stations. The wireless function makes for easy streaming and downloading of music, and, because you never know when he might be in the mood for that obscure song buried on his computer, he can wirelessly sync to his home network. But the best part is the Zune Pass, an all-you-can-eat buffet of music for just $14.99 a month. The real music nut will appreciate that even the iPod doesn't do all that. ($289.99,

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