What U DON'T know about attraction

What U DON'T know about attraction

Ignorant of Feminism’s damaging influence, today’s men blindly search for ways to attract women. They study animal mating habits, work on their conversation skills, don fashionable clothing, decorate their bodies with tattoos, increase their size through weight training and look for ways to raise their social status, all for the sake of attracting women. Granted, some form relationships, but these unstable unions typically erode due to their dysfunctional foundation. Most end up lonely and frustrated. In the end, the important question remains unanswered: what really attracts women? To discover the answer, it’s necessary to understand what causes attraction.

Consider money, represented by unimpressive green-colored paper. While its aesthetic appeal may be limited, its actual significance proves quite attractive to people. Money has the ability to buy food and protection, create relationships and influence others. In short, money, when used responsibly, can bring order to people’s lives by meeting their needs.

Consider social status. Many women find men of high social status (rock stars, celebrities, politicians) to be attractive because of their ability to garner massive amounts of validation. Because validation is a necessary component of an orderly life, women are drawn to men of high social status that are able to meet this need.

Consider sexual needs. When your sexual tension is resolved, you are brought toward an orderly state. Sex also leads to children. This, in turn, leads to an orderly social outcome—the propagation of life.

Consider physically attractive people. Their facial symmetry along with the balanced, proportionate arrangement of their bodies expresses order. This is naturally more attractive than a disorderly body where features are disproportionately placed or missing altogether. Countless disorderly expressions of the human body exist, but only one exact expression of order is universally recognized. Amid all the birth defects, injuries, varying stages of growth and old age exists a pleasing, balanced arrangement of features that appeals to our highest aesthetic sense of order.

Because money, sex and social status are the tangible means used to obtain order, they are often mistakenly given credit for creating attraction. However, it is not the means but rather the resulting beautiful, orderly arrangement that draws us. Order is the attracting principle. http://www.scribd.com/doc/21733512/Principles-101


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