I am new to this and just couldn't wait to express how I feel after reading "Portrait Of An Open Marriage" You have to agree that we all have fantasies...and our fantasies are not too far from each other's.  My husband and I began sharing fantasies openly after two years of marriage.  We decided that we could make each other's fantasies come true and that we could both be in them together.  That's when we started exploring the "swinger" lifestyle.  All I have to say is that there are many coules out there with fantasies that they do not share with their spouses, couples that are cheating on each other, couples that fantasise about each other's friend and couples that hide so much from each other because they want to kep the image they met each other with.  That personality they put to charm each other...the good side. We decided to be true and honest and pull all masks off our face and still love each other.  We decided that we would not be fake to each other and share our fantasies together.


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