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    I'd like to think my mother raised me right, with a conscience of what is right and wrong. But it seems that our impulses often lead us to do things we know are wrong because they feel oh so good. I recently posted a question on this site fully knowing the type of answers I would get. In fact, I had previously discussed the issue with family and friends but had failed to come up with a ultimate decision although it was quite obvious. Over the past few weeks a couple of men with which I had had previous relationships began to pursue me once more. However, each was now in a respective relationship with another woman. They both swear to have feelings for me but in my opinion, feelings mean nothing unless you act on them. I am not a homewrecker and in no way wish to get in the way of either's relationship. I put myself in the other girls' shoes and know that I would not want to be in that position. But I also can't deny that I still have feelings for this guy thus this is the cause of my confusion. But if he had feelings for me like I do for him, then I guess we'd be together. Although it hurts, I accept the fact that they have moved on and am ready to move on myself. For me it's a dead issue, yet it took hearing advice from strangers and people around me to get me to realize that I should value myself. I have removed the blindfold from my eyes and see that I am worth much more that either of these men are willing to offer. I don't need to bring myself problems or cause problems to someone else in order to be happy. From now on I look forward to the future with an optimistic approach and with a smile upon my face. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and I look forward to writing my next blog on a lighter note.... :-)


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