The Carrie Prejean Sex Tape: All The Dirt


Carrie Prejean sex tape
Former Miss California drops lawsuit after birthday suit vid appears.

Even with all she's been through this year that she didn't directly bring on herself, it's still hard to feel all that sorry for Carrie when she starts wailing about how Perez Hilton was infringing on the First Amendment rights her grandfather fought for in World War II (what?) and how she's being specifically targeted by evil, gross left-wingers for her conservative beliefs. Never mind that sex tapes featuring famous women have been distributed against their consent regardless of their religious or political identification (just off the top of our heads, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Foxy Brown, and Dita Von Teese have never struck us as particularly religious or conservative. But, you know, Colin Farrell's Catholic, so maybe his ex-girlfriend leaking their sex tape was religious persecution. But even he is pro–gay marriage). Are Sex Tapes Good For Relationships?

So, yeah, we are of two minds on this. Carrie Prejean's continuing fame (or infamy, if you like) is completely based on the fact that she's a pretty homophobe who doesn't know when it's in her best interest to shut up and keep a low profile. But even she doesn't deserve having a private video of a sex act distributed for the prurient interest of anyone who cares to download it. We still hope that her book doesn't sell a single copy and she goes back to hanging out with the disapprovingly paternalistic San Diego Padres mascot.

Via Celebitchy and Gawker. Photo courtesy of Fox News.

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