Web's Best Love Links: Exes, Affairs & Chivalry


Web's Best Love Links:  Exes, Affairs & Chivalry
Plus the birth order-romance link, suicide and marriage, and praise for missionary.

It's Friday and it's time for links. So you don't have to surf the internet yourself, here are the best the web has to offer in terms of love and relationships. I'm not a hero, I do this for love.

The gals at The Frisky have a great list of dos and, more importantly, don'ts about trying to get back with an ex. My plan is: be awesome, apologize profusely (regardless of whether you mean it) and make promises that you could never possibly keep. 


With exes on the brain, Em & Lo (EmAndLo.com) field a question from a woman considering getting back together with her ex. She's not sure if she should love like she's never been hurt before, or hot bathtub her way back into it. Good advice. 

Day-yum. Per the bro code, the worst thing you can do is yoink someone's girlfriend. It is such a hard and fast rule that generally even exes are off-limits. Women have similar scruples and that's what makes this first-person essay from Lemondrop so readable, in which a woman talks about stealing her BFF's guy and the resultant relationship. 

The guy's corner at Marie Claire is manned by Rich Santos. This time around he discusses the questions you ask before or while being a home wrecker. I'm a little bummed that "is the sex and excitement worth a possible stabbing?" didn't make the cut. 

Asylum gives some tips for dudes looking to date married women. It's more of dating another man's wife etiquette, really. My advice: grow a goatee so that we know you're the bad guy. 

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