Gave Him The Wrong Finger


Gave Him The Wrong Finger

He says he loves her.  She ponders the meaning when so many actions have spoken loudly the contrary.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

He says he loves her but fondles the breasts of teenage girls at work simply because she dared him to...saying he "didn't have to guts to grab her breasts". 


He says he loves her, but he calls her from work simply to tell her of the "GOOD THINGS" he has to look at while he is checking out other women.  He has nothing else to say but she hears a slight giggle in the background...who might that be she wonders while trying had to understand why he would call her, his wife, and tell her that he is checking out other women?

He says he loves her as he wistfully tells her of "the one who got away" and how very special the girl was to him.  How the girl's mother and the girl's family took him in and made him part of their family.  He even tried to name their daughter after the girl's mother.
He says he loves her as he actively seeks someone to "play with" outside their marriage.  Telling her that it is just for sex..then he is going to spend as much time with "them" as he wants and she has no say...and then he is going to be long time friends with them...and then again "it's just for sex"...but he is going to cuddle with them and do other activities outside of the bedroom with them, yet he turns her down for sex constantly, neglects her needs a lot and is going to take what little she gets and spend that time with another woman...and laughs as she cries herself to sleep at night...laughs as she begs and pleads with him to be faithful to her and to LOVE her...oh but he loves her.

He says he loves her but yells at her when she calls him at work and asks him to come home immediately after work because she and his baby daughter had been in a car accident.  He had plans to go Christmas shopping after work and she wants him to come home? How dare she ask him to come home when he had shopping to do?

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