Should You Confess To Sleeping With Your BFF's Ex?


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I've always told her everything, but now I feel too guilty to lift the phone for a chat.

Whoa, seriously? She feels too guilty to lift the phone for a chat? Pelling advised the woman that if she really wanted a relationship with this man who broke her best friend's heart, she ought to have the decency to wait six months to let her friend grieve. Who are these people? Where I come from (reality), if a friend sleeps with someone you went out with a couple times and maybe kinda liked before you really got to know him, it's a little awkward, but you get over it pretty quickly. If a best friend sleeps with the man you were desperately in love with for five years, you make a voodoo doll in her image and hope she gets a Texas-shaped rash on her face that never goes away. But maybe some of you are more forgiving than I would be. Could any of you ever find it in your heart to give your friend your blessing if she slept with your ex and wanted to pursue a relationship with him? [via Daily MailThe Frisky: How Much Do Boyfriends And Best Friends Really Need To Get Along?

Written by Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky

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