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Sugar & Spice


What's Wrong with this Picture?? It's about 9 p.m. and I am feeling a little freaky so instead of rolling over and touching my man I roll over and reach into my draw for my Pocket Rocket. The Pocket Rocket has to be the best thing I ever brought myself. I scavengar the sex stores in the the East Village looking for something to help spice up my bedroom seen. I guess the difference between my boyfriend and I is that I am what you would call a freak for lack of a better word.  He is a little on the boring side, and I tell him this. I like to be wild and adventourous and he lacks that.  I don't think people really understand how important it is to have that balance in a relationship. Vibrators are my new best friend...Why you might Ask? Because you are in control. You never have to tell it where and what spots to hit, there's no coaching involved and when its done you are truley satisfied without ever yearning for more..


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