Nice Guys CAN Finish First


4.  Make her laugh.  Even if it’s at your expense once in awhile, the number one aphrodisiac for women is laughter.  Think improv, not knock-knock jokes.  Life is pretty funny all by itself, so you don’t have to be cracking jokes all the time.  Nice guys are great at self-deprecating humor, so just be careful not to overdo it.  It’s even ok to gently poke fun at her once in awhile, as long as it’s not a joke about her personal appearance.  Seriously guys, no matter how confident a woman is, jokes about her appearance are always taboo.  Consider it our Achilles heel.

5.  When the time comes, be the sexual initiator.  I know you don’t always want to be the one to initiate, but biologically women are hard-wired to expect men to initiate sex.  Especially in the beginning, don’t be afraid to grab your woman and plant a juicy kiss on her.  See #1 on the list; confidence is a huge turn-on.  You can look for clues about how you’re doing without appearing too eager to please.  Here’s a clue:  voice inflection is key.  “Do you like that?” is wimpy; “Do you like that?” is not.  The first implies she might not like anything you’re doing, while the second (said with confidence) implies that she likes it all and that in particular.

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