4 Breakup Warning Signs


The Breakup Warning Signs
How to interpret the writing on the wall: Four tell-tale signs that he's going to break up with you.

Breakup Warning Sign #3: You notice a change in the frequency of your arguments

Constant fighting hardly has any perks or benefits. But don't be so quick to rejoice when your daily arguments seem to disappear completely. A sudden reduction in the amount of fights and arguments in your relationship could mean that your partner has started to minimize his emotional investment. Withdrawing quickly from confrontations is a common behavior of those who are either incredibly frustrated with their partners or have stopped caring completely. How To Deal With Arguments & Anger


And of course, the exact opposite can also be a warning sign.

Since most people dislike the guilt that comes along with being "the bad guy," one very common behavior is the act of purposely starting petty fights and pushing your partner's buttons in the hopes that they will flip out and say or do something that would make them look like the bad guy. Once this happens, the instigator will have an excuse to justify their desire to leave the relationship.

Your ears should perk up if you find your partner suddenly picking petty fights and blowing up on you for no reason—even more so when his arguments are fueled by blind rage and make no logical sense whatsoever.

Breakup Warning Sign #4: The level of physical intimacy has dropped to an all-time low

When your partner takes "physical distancing" to the next level, you will notice that the loving physical contact (cuddling, massages, foreplay, etc.) has almost disappeared completely. I firmly believe that the level of intimacy in your relationship says a lot about the strength of your romantic connection. Loving physical contact is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with someone and when it starts to vanish from a relationship, it acts like a crack in the ceiling that allows the rain to start coming through.

I'd also like to point out that it's quite normal for your bedroom routine to vary over time due to numerous factors, but if you find that your man has stopped making advances altogether, this is usually a sign that there is something seriously wrong in the relationship. It's even worse when he resists of all of your advances, as well.

Shying away from physical contact is a tactic frequently used by women to maintain a level of power in the relationship. But when men do this, it's usually because they are losing interest or have someone else on the side.

So now that you're aware of these tell-tale breakup indicators, be on the lookout for them, not only in your own relationships, but also in the relationships of your friends and co-workers. Being able spot these warning signs in the relationships of others will make it much easier to notice them when they show up on your own doorstep.

Written by Jay Cataldo for Excelle.

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