5 Horror Movies To Watch On A Date


the shining date horror movie
Horror flicks make great date movies. Here are our five favorites.

28 Days Later
What happens: A man wakes up in the hospital in London and finds out that a virus has turned people into flesh eating monsters. He has to find other survivors and get to safety.
Good for: Intelligent horror lovers. 28 Days Later isn't your usual screamer flick—it's got a gritty, realistic feel and excellent acting. If it weren't for the zombies (technically the virus is called "the rage"—the characters never actually use the word zombie) it would be an apocalypse movie par excellance—the flesh eaters make it that much better.
Grab his hand when: You see the now-common child zombie.

The Shining
What happens: A man and his family become caretakers of an isolated resort over the winter and are visited by the hotel's murderous spirit.
Good for: Anyone. Seriously—if you haven't seen this movie get thee to your Netflix queue right now. The Shining is a classic that's guaranteed to scare your pants off (at least figuratively, perhaps literally).
Grab his hand when: The river of blood fills the hallway.


What are your favorite date-night horror movies?