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Let Men Stare At Your Chest... For Charity?

boob tude bra for charity

A bra with TV screens may help cure cancer.

While we aren't fans of tacky arts and crafts, if they're tacky arts and crafts with a cause, then we give 'em a pass.

Enter The Boob Tube Bra. Yes, that's right. A generous-sized bra with screens on each cup, encouraging, nay ensuring, that men focus on your other set of eyes. You can completely throw out the large-breasted lady plight of "men never look at my face! look up here mister." Yeah, that's out the window once you strap on this baby. Me, My Husband And My Baby: Who Owns My Breasts?

On a serious note, the proceeds of the Boob Tube bra are set to boost funds for Texas Baylor Medical Center at Irving Cancer Center's breast cancer support services. In addition to the television of the future (our name), ten other equally decorative—if not entirely functional—bras with names like "Bling-Bra-Zing" and "Sophisticated Girls" will be featured.

The auction will take place online early next year.

Wow. Well. Let's just hope there's a heavy-pocketed sci-fi geek with a penchance for futuristic-looking underwear in attendance. Beauty Is A State Of Mind: Sex After Mastectomy



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