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i want his trust back.


I was dating this guy and i really liked him and i still do like him. we went out for about a month but i broke up with him because some of my friends were telling me all this stuff like hes lying to me just to impress me and he doesnt really care for you and all that crap. so i was stupid and i broke up with him which i regret soo much. i told him that thats the only reason i broke up with him so now he doesnt trust me very much. when we were together we made a promise that we werent going to let anyone come between us and i broke the promise. he said that he will go back out with me as soon as he can fully trust me. i dont know how to gain his trust back but i want to go back out with him. he trusts me a little bit but im not sure how much. i miss him a lot and i hope he believes me when i tell him that i care about him.


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