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I'm 22 and going into the coast guard. I leave in Feb. and we haven't seen each other since July of 2009 and  wont see each other until 8wks after Feb, when i graduate from the coast guard. I work, and excercise and keeping things in check and talk to him every day. He's trying to find a job in Fl. and yet always find the time to talk to me. He is a cabinet maker and loves what he does. We've been together for three years comeing up on Holloween night. We argue and fight over the phone but we tell each other that we want to be in this relationship because of the other persons personality. watch Tv over the phone and take meal times at the same time, make jokes and tell each other what we've done for the day or if we had dreams from the other night. we take it one day at a time and when either one of us get upset from someone outside our relationship, we call each other and tell each other our frustrations and our feelings. Sure, we dont talk about everything, but even if we dont, usually we know what the other person didn't say. this is only my second relationship and he treats me great. I'm alive in the relationship and with my eyes open, I respect him even more.


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