Couple Envy?

Couple Envy?

I am single by choice and enjoying the single lifestyle, but sometimes I when I am shopping and see couples I feel as though I am missing out on something great. How can I overcome those moments of weakness?
 Lifestyle Expert Sherri Langburt's Answer:

It sounds as though you have made a conscious lifestyle decision, one which you are enjoying for the most part and which is a great place to be. However, if you know specifically when and where those alone moments become painful, you can put preventative measures in place to avoid them. Try bringing a friend or relative along with you on shopping outings, or plan your shopping for off-hours, such as during a lunch break rather than on weekends.

Journaling is another healthy coping mechanism that will help you process the emotions you are experiencing. As we grow, no matter what age, our needs, preferences and desires change with us. Naturally, a lifestyle choice in your twenties will not be the same in your thirties, forties and so forth. You may learn through writing that you need to explore caring/casual relationship options....continue reading on

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