9 Need-To-Know Rules For Football Season


football season
The dos and don'ts of Game Day dating.

7. RESPECT THE SPORT "Do not criticize. If the rules don't make sense at first, don't give the 'that's dumb' response. The rules are there for a reason, and the decisions made by the coaches and players usually happen based off the rules. It is important to be open to learning the rules, and being dismissive is a turn-off."—Jason

8. EASE UP ON THE TRIVIA, CLIFF CLAVEN "Unless you're watching figure skating, never try to upstage a guy with sports trivia knowledge. I had a friend with a girlfriend that would constantly spew out stats like, 'Did you see so-and-so? They passed for 300 yards last week!' It was annoying—girls shouldn't try too hard to be one of the guys. Just show interest, cheer when appropriate, and it never hurts to offer to go get beers."—John, 30, San Diego


9. SHOW OR FEIGN INTEREST "If you become bored during a game...FAKE IT! There's nothing more annoying to me than when a girl pulls out her BlackBerry and starts checking Facebook."—John Fake It Til You Make It, Ladies
"The best way to make yourself more attractive to a guy while watching football with guys is to appear to be a legitimate fan. You're not watching the game just to meet guys, or because your friend dragged you there, but because you like football and know something about the game. Basically, be comfortable and look like you're enjoying yourself and the game."—Pete

Now, tell us: Do you watch football? With whom? Are you a die hard fan or a novice? What do you think of these rules? And why is it so hard for me to keep track of the ball? The ball is tiny!

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