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Good Things Come in Small Packages?

Good Things Come in Small Packages?

My new man is wickedly smart, stunning and sincere. The problem is our relationship is developing on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level but not in the bedroom. I know it is because he has an unusually small penis and have done everything I can to convince him that this does not bother me. What can I say other than I am head over heels. Please tell me I am not crazy and how I can make him trust me enough to take it all the way. Sex and Intimacy Expert Cathy Beaton's Answer:

This situation must be very frustrating for you. I believe that you've done just about everything you can to convince your guy that his penis size is fine with you, but when the issue of 'trust' is involved, as it seems to be here, the change may need to come from within him to be authentic and permanent....continue reading on

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