Fast Cars Make Dudes Manlier

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Driving a sports car can boost a guy's testosterone.

There is a belief that men who are really into their cars (be it slick, phallic sportsters or knobby-tired, pick 'em up trucks) have something to compensate for. Generally, that shortcoming is said to occur somewhere in the crotchal zone. Read: 3 Ways To "Size" A Man Up

But Asylum is throwing another wrinkle into this age-old conundrum. Per Asylum, a study of male college students showed a bump in testosterone from driving a Porsche (pronounced por-shuh only if you own one) versus a Toyota Camry.

While there is not necessarily a direct link between package proportions and level of testosterone, it makes plenty of sense that dudes buy a sporty ride when a mid-life crisis takes hold. While the old middy seems like it's about unfulfilled expectations and ennui, it's generally part and parcel of a massive downswing in man-juice. Other options for a shot of testosterone: violence and an affair. Kidding! Exercise, healthy snacking, safe weight-loss and morning sex are the preferred methods to naturally boost testosterone. But driving a canary yellow Ferrari, while being fondled by a 23-year-old swimsuit model on the way from a UFC match may also work. Read: An ED Spray May Be On The Way

While we're discussing Asylum, the lads mentioned that the average guy cries six times per year. They then catch a few dudes and ask them when they last cried. Surprisingly, none of them said, "When I realized I was better than my dad at everything." Please keep in mind that your guy may not have a testosterone problem just because he cries time and again. Remember, strong men also cry.



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