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Relationship Sabotage!


Tonight my guy of eight years told me he has bought his own house, he explained that he at 40 yrs old has no assets and felt like it his time to become a home owner. Until this time we have been living in my home which i own myself. For 2 years we have had some tough times.He had shoulder surgery and was out of work, then a ruptured achillies tendon another 6 months out of work, then laid off and was out of work for 1 year, although geting unemployment and still able to keep up with his half of the bills, he did nothing aound the house day after day. Then suddenly after eight years an 11 yr child of his comes to live with us, which really created problems. he was given the downstairs area which is actually a small appartment that belonged to my 21 yr old who was living in Denver at the time. His company closed and was asked to come back to  his same position. Bill agreed to move his son to an upstairs bedroom, since my son had a lot of furniture coming back with him, well the atmosphere seem to become him and his son and my son and me. so here we are hes bought a home not nearly as nice  and big as this one and wants to continue our relationship, he feels this will save us, by living apart., for a while kinda start over And will not live together again until i marry him! which i said i would do 4 years ago, but havent.
 all I want to do is cry, now i feel i should of married him and
maybe none of this would of happened!



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