More than friends?



I do that with a girl I usually hangout with,
but I started because I was initially allowed to touch her hands and embracing
them with mine as we chatted. It’s not that she was not aware of that. If a guy
is given opportunities to get closer physically –one way or another, he will
because he thinks the girl is ok with that. I do have feelings for her, is not
that I’m playing with her feelings, but the reason I have not officially let
her know I want to be more than a friend is because my finances are not so
good, and I am afraid to eventually lose her, not because of money, but because
there would be some differences. Yes we hold hands, and even gently fed her…
that means to me she has feelings for me, but perhaps waiting for me to express
them and move to the next level other than friends. To you ladies, I’d suggest
you get clear from your guy friend because if he doesn’t come forward, you
could be wasting your time.