6 Red Flag Phrases That Should Send You Running


how to know he's wrong for you
If a man tells you he's not boyfriend material, believe him. Plus, five other verbal red flags.

5.) "I don't really have any male friends." Translation: If I haven't seen my female friends naked yet, I plan on it. Either he's gay or wants to sleep with his female company. If he hasn't already slept with all his "friends," that is. You decide. We hate to be this black and white. We really do. Certainly there are some men who prefer the company of women (and why wouldn't he?), but be very careful. A few female friends here and there, even a female best buddy is fine, but if he can't name a single guy he spends time with, he likely has ulterior motives. What Do Men Think About Friends With Benefits?

6.) "I'm not the boyfriend type." Our friends at AOL Personals zeroed in on this red flag phrase. If he doesn't think of himself as boyfriend material, take his word for it! Read more of their expert advice: Warning! He Might Be The Wrong Guy.

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