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Life is beautiful, and so are you.

Life is beautiful, and so are you.

Why do girls demean themselves by accepting the friends with benefits type of relationship?

On the one hand, you have the girls that claim they are completely okay with this and also claim to have no intentions of getting in a relationship. Their biggest problem? They don't prepare for the feelings created from this intimacy. I have a friend who is completely determined to change her boy toy's mind and some how manage to get him into a real relationship. It could happen, sure, but realistically? Probably not. And yet even with the facts in front of her, she still chooses to be come absorbed in this lost cause instead of stepping back, sticking up for herself, and saying no, I will not accept this any longer.

On the other hand, you have the girls that are okay with this, and truly (for the moment) have no intentions of getting in a relationship. While great for them and their "friend", you'll notice that it's created unrealistic expectations of women that if they aren't putting out, they will have nothing or rather that their missing out because they will just find someone who is willing to put out instead.

Me, personally, I'm considered the prude. I don't agree with risking heartbreak in order to get a moment's feel and I don't agree with letting guys think they can get what they want without being in a relationship. Call me what you will, but I have respect for myself. I'm not afraid to make it known, so what's your excuse?


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