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Does he really feel this way?


So I been seeing this guy at my job for about 5 Months now. He has been trying to talk to me for 2yrs..but I never paid him any attention until now. I blew him off like I did all the others that approached me. So we been dating and the longer we date the more and more I found out about he didn't want me to know right at the beggining. like he has been married twice..and had 2 divorces???? He has 6 kids by 4 different women??? He use to abuse them???? has has to pay hie wife 750$$ in alamony a month??? What the fuc*k and the bullshit reason he didn't wanna tell me anything is because I might throw it back in his face. So besides the kids and other babymama I still stayed and grown to really like himi for the person he was and not for what he could give me and now he is telling me he loves me??? Here is my thing how do you love someone you barely see??? I use to see him more on the outside but now...I see him more at work??? We dont go out unless I have him bring me somewhere..because he can't eat resturant  food(bullshit) so he comes to see me some either at night when he gets off or in the morning after dropping his kids off. It is a very weird situation and I dont think it's love but I can use some advice and your thoughts on what you think.


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