6 Sugar Daddies (And Mamas) We'd Like To Have


6 Sugar Daddies (And Mamas) We'd Like To Have
Being a kept woman would be awesome, right?

Nick Jonas

Like Jen, he's cute and rich. Unlike Jen, he probably wouldn't expect you to put out. And think of how many hair products you could steal! Downside: He never stops talking about his diabetes. Upside: Maybe he'll form a support group with Bret Michaels and Wilford Brimley! They can get you all the sweet groupies and oatmeal you could ever want (respectively, of course). Jonas Brothers' Mom Discusses Their Sex Lives


Ryan Gosling

He's among Canada's greatest exports to the U.S., and from what we can tell, is awesomely un-celebrity-like. He really built that table in The Notebook, y’all! This would be the most low-key kept lady position, as Ryan doesn't really do red carpets unless he has a project to promote. And given his excellent taste in ex-girlfriends (Sandra Bullock, Rachel Mcadams), your only worry would be measuring up.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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