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Interracial marriage in Louisiana. Hot ladies love tall men. And the 24 types of women.

It's Friday and I know that most of you have already checked out for the weekend. I know I have. In that regard I've rounded up the best of the webnet on love and relationships. You can probably soak a good hour or so making it through all of these. Good luck and enjoy the weekend. 

Our buddies at The Frisky know that sometimes friends are frenemies and sometimes frenemies can totally eff up your relationship. There are five personality types most likely to sabotage your love life. Kudos to the author on her profile pic; someone has a sense of humor.

You may remember the iPhone AMP Up Before You Score app (check it here). The gang at Lemondrop breaks down the 24 types of women and gives advice on how to get into their jeans. I usually tell the inspiring actress that I will write a part for her in my next screenplay.

Yajinga, Em & Lo ( tackle a tough question: What happens when a guy is perfect in every way except the night moves? Sometimes "dump the zero, get with the hero" isn't the answer to every guy shortcoming. 

Asylum has a list of ten things not to Tweet after doing it. I am shocked that a Silence Of The Lambs reference didn't make the cut.

Per Cosmopolitan, women do crazy things for love too. Crazy things like wear really high heels and… Wait, nothing on this list is crazy. Have you ever stolen an airplane? Have you ever fought a much larger man with a face tattoo? Have you ever driven 16 hours just to smell someone's hair? Then you haven't done anything crazy.