5 Reasons A Man Is Bad In Bed


Bad Sex
Because it's not us... it's you.

You're Just Not That Good. Maybe you're a newbie. Maybe you suffer from penis-crippling anxiety. Maybe you just don't get this whole sex thing. Maybe you find women intimidating. Maybe you need to do some additional research in the sex department. Here's the thing. If, for whatever reason, you suspect you may not be that good in bed, here is the immediate appropriate course of action: Find a sympathetic woman and get her to teach you. All women think they're secret sexperts. If you come across like a guy who's willing to learn, we'd be happy to turn you out, baby.

We're Over You. Want to know if a relationship is over? Have sex. There's no hiding true feelings when the clothes come off and the boning starts. We've been dating for a while. We've gotten a little distant lately. We don't return your calls and texts as quickly as we used to. And exactly what were we up to when we stayed out until 3 a.m. with our girlfriends last Saturday night? We're just not that into you anymore. It's not you. It's us. Instead of hanging around and banging your head against our cervical walls, take your sex act on to another woman who will appreciate what you do when you get down.

Written by The Frisky for The Frisky.

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