Dating A Foot Fetishist: How To Love The Man Who Loves Your Feet


Foot Fetish
Tips for telling if you're dating a foot fetishist and how you should handle it.

Loving The Man
If you are willing to explore his fascination, there are plenty of ways to use it to the advantage of your sex life. The current lady in my life enjoys teasing me with her knowledge of my love for her feet. When she's in the mood, she runs her feet up and down my legs, ensuring that I'm "ready" to satisfy her within moments. If you're looking for a spontaneous session of lovemaking, put your freshly painted toes in his face and ask him if he likes that color of polish.
At this point, you must be thinking "Well… still, he wouldn't want my feet to touch him there." However, he likely would. This isn't something that you take a class to learn or that you have to bring into every routine, but a few minutes of caresses on a special occasion will make him feel loved, understood, and, of course, turned on. Not only will you put him into a blissful physical state, but he will be so appreciative that you showed him that you truly care about his specific tastes, that he will likely jump to do anything you desire. And who knows—perhaps (hopefully) you'll like it, too.
Although it seems like the obvious thing to do, refrain from constantly asking your guy for foot rubs. For someone who appreciates female feet to such a degree, a full-out foot rub (as opposed to gentle caresses) is actually a turnoff. The practicality of the act de-sexualizes the body part.
If you're still wondering how a man could be so entranced by such a smelly part of you're body… few of us are. If your man is a foot-lover, it's a safe bet that he prefers your feet clean and maintained. One of the nicest things you can do for him is making sure your tootsies are soft and smooth when you show up to meet him. If he sees you going out of your way to ensure his pleasure, he'll certainly go out of his way to ensure yours… sexual or otherwise.

Have you ever been with a foot fetishist? What's your fetish?