Dating A Foot Fetishist: How To Love The Man Who Loves Your Feet


Foot Fetish
Tips for telling if you're dating a foot fetishist and how you should handle it.

Signs Of A Foot Fetishist
Even early in the relationship, before sex is involved, there can be signs of a potential foot lover. Extended examination of a pedicure or questions about what size shoe you wear should be noted as signs of a likely foot fetish. You should also notice where his hands usually land on you when the two of you are lounging around. If he regularly reaches for your feet, you can be all but sure of his status.
For guys like me, sucking toes and licking feet is somewhere around par with intercourse on the intimacy scale, so if his mouth comes into contact with your feet with any regularity, or if he often grabs for your feet as he's preparing to start (or finish) the act, it's a safe assumption that he has a thing for feet. 
In my experience, women's reactions to having their feet fondled are more negative than positive. A few have straight-out told me, well before my hands got below their knees, that they don't like their feet and they don't like having them touched (one even stated it the first time she took her shoes off in front of me).
Others will say things like, "You know, you don't have to do that stuff with my feet," which translates to, "Please don't do that, it really disturbs me." And then there's "Oh, you're one of those guys." There are, however, women who have been happy to allow close examinations of their feet and even took pleasure in just how much they excited me. Unfortunately, there are also those girls who are highly ticklish, and no matter how much they want you to touch them, practicality will inevitably intervene.

I should warn you that if your boyfriend is truly passionate about your feet and it's not something you would ever allow him to indulge in, chances are the two of you just aren't going to work out. He'll resent you for not accepting this integral part of his sexuality, and you'll grow more and more disturbed by him for having such an enthusiasm in the first place. Your sexual incompatibilities will eventually drive you apart. How To Tell Him Your Fantasies