Love, an Inner Connection

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Love, an Inner Connection

Instead of pushing my own romantic agenda, what if I’d taken into
consideration what the other person wanted?  We like to think love is
all about tying someone down and eliminating whatever in their life
threatens our attachment to them – a busy social calendar, autonomous
behaviors, emotional hang-ups.  But love is about freedom.  Someone
chooses to love you and to be loved.  You shouldn’t have to convince or
force people to be with you.  They should want to be with you.  And if
they need time to work through some stuff, well, you best chill.

Jay’s ego didn’t want him to admit his mistake, while his essential self was pining for the woman he betrayed.  After he read Love, An Inner,
he snubbed his ego and told the girl he missed her.  She came back. 
Consequently, the book is making the rounds and guiding my friends to
softer places in their souls.


It’s hard to be patient.  Hard to put someone else’s needs on par
with your own.  Hard to know whether you’ve got a true love connection
or whether you’re a fool.

But as I told my friend on the bus, if there’s one tried-and-tested rule about love, it’s that it’s worth the risk.

**Love, an Inner Connection is by Carol K. Anthony

This post was reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart and Soul at

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