The Web's Best: Virgins, His Underpants & More


captain underpants
Renewed vows protocol, dating a loser and do you cry-max?

As the week ends, so does my resolve to keep it fresh, original and compelling. I'm only human, and a bit of a Friday Afternoon Ninja (someone who is mysteriously gone at 4 p.m. every Friday). So, I scoured the interjam for both of us and find the best of the best.

Intentional and full-grown virgins exist, and they are not all religion-y. Lemondrop has a great first-person essay about keeping your word to stop at third. 


The team over at The Frisky is all about breaking down his choice in under garments. They run down the most popular cuts of man drawers, analyze it and give celeb examples. Nicely done, and thanks for letting us in on another name for the banana hammock. 

The Brosephs at Asylum, want you ladies to know this: sperm slows the aging process (mostly in fruit flies). Yes, our fingers are crossed (in both senses). 

Cosmopolitan has been dishing dating advice for at least a century, it seems. This time around they want to teach you how to Jedi him into calling you back. This is what modern love has come to. 

DivineCaroline may be the most polite site on the interweb. They're the "Charlotte" of web romance content (not that I know what that means). This time around, etiquette regarding vow renewal weddings

Em & Lo, my homies, have two great polls bumping right now: Poll 1 at If you're a broad, have you cry-maxed? Poll 2 at If you're a dude, have you tear-gasmed? I believe Tucker Max's story about accidentally macing himself and a "date" misses the point of the query altogether.

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