I wish I'd take my own advice.

I wish I'd take my own advice.

Usually I do okay in the common sense department.  Then I let my guard down, said why not even though the little voices on my should were telling em I was an idiot.  I shut them up and proceeded spiral onward by accepting a job from a man I had been romantically involved with.

You know, dating sites can be a lot more useful than you think.  That's how I met the man that I work with now.  But unfortunately we can guess how that little fairy tale ended up.... or is still going I should say.  That's what you get though when you 'date' first, then work later, then date on and off through the course of a year and then come to the much anticipated public event that was our breakup, which of course happened at work.  The award for best supporting actress goes to....(drum roll please).  Or not.  I make the recommendation to NOT drink and use dating sites because you are bored and curious and have the day off the next day.  That little event started a chain reaction that turned out to impact my life in a most remarkable and powerful way.  Don't get me wrong, I think that we meet the people we do for a reason and sometimes just for the fact to test our mettle (or in my case, the very fiber of my patience).  
We met at a bar.  I got lost trying to find it.  This is nothing new to the directionally challenged, i.e. yours truly.  When I finally met him face to face, that feeling of deeply buried nostalgia surfaced.  I knew him. Our connection extended to just more than emails and phone calls.  Thank God for that.  I had enough of dates that just sit there so nervous and apparently left the conversation cards at home.  It was a great night albeit towards the end it started to get a little fuzzy.  I'll leave the rest of night at that, although he did end up being my knight in shining armor.  After that we saw each other a few more times but I am a cautious woman and having a three year old at the time, I don't rush into things.  We ended up out of touch for awhile then through the power of email, started to talk again.  I won't bore you with the details but lets just say that he was persistent.  I was attracted to him but was scared on the types of feelings that he invoked within a girl he had nicknamed Frostbite.  Red Flag #1.  He offered me a job.  I accepted.  And I won't lie: I love what I do.

Fast forward to the last three months.  Due to stresses at the office, the personal relationship with Mr. Vice President and I started to show signs of distress.  You take two personalities that are similar in the stubbornness department, combine that with a woman that stands on her two feet plus a man who doesn't like to back down and you are likely to see some sparks. Ok, I admit that is a bit of an understatement but a man who feels threatened by a woman in a work atmosphere and takes out on their personal life has some issues.  Maybe I didn't help matters by being so confident and competitive but what can I say?  He drives me to be the best that I can.   (Remember Karma)  So I look on all sides.  I fell head over for this man; a man that chased me for almost ten months, told me he loved me five months before he would finally hear those words out of my mouth and then...? 

Well, that's still a work in progress...


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