Love Lessons You Should Learn By 35


Love Lessons You Should Learn By 35

=>Yes, Virginia, there is such a dating caste system aka "leagues - We were told from a very early age that people should love us for who we are on the inside. Adortable. And totally, utterly pointless after the age of 16. The hot people date the hot people, the average people date the average people. Determine your league and you'll avoid a lot of frustration and heartache. How do you determine your league? Well, if you date online, take the responses that you get to your profile (not responses to emails you send out) then go up about two notches. (S0, if the people who email you are 4's or 5's, your league is about a 6 or 7.) I can tell you now....if you're overweight or just haven't taken care of yourself or don't have a sense of're not getting those cuties that you keep crushing on. And, yes, I know. It's all in the way you carry yourself. Yes, to some degree, that's true. But those are the exceptions to the rule and not the rule.

=>Just because they ask you out/say yes doesn't mean they're interested - Sadly, people will accept or make a date with no intention of ever pursuing anything. Maybe they want a free meal, maybe they want to get laid. Who knows. As many of the men hear attest, even if a guy isn't all that attracted to a woman, he still might act that way just to get his ROI (return on investment.) Oh. Okay. Since you boys say that with such aplomb, let me say this. Sometimes we want the same thing. Which is why we might get you to buy us dinner and drinks without ever planning on seeing you again. Works both ways. Don't like us using or misleading you? Don't do it to us.

=>If you're still single at 35, you're probably either: a) have issues or b) are too picky - Like I said above, there are a lot of excuses we use to justify our single status and most of them are bunk. Issues abound in those over 35 and single—anger issues, entitlement issues, fears of committment, emotional issues. Whatever the reason, you're where you are because you chose to be there. Whether it's because you stayed in a relationship too long or dated/attracted the wrong people or whatever. Determine what those choices were and why you made them and get your life back. It's my belief that people use the "I'm not going to settle now" excuse out of fear. Or because they have this really distorted sense of what they bring to the table. Ask your closest friends if they think you're too picky and see what they say. They'll tell you as long as they truly believe you want to hear the truth. But if you're one of those people who flip out at the slightest criticism, then you can be sure NOBODY is telling you the things you truly need to hear. Either that or they don't care about you at all and simply tolerate you. Are You Too Picky On First Dates?

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