5 Mistakes Men Make When Dating Online


online dating advice for men
What you're doing wrong with your online profile, from the female perspective.

Making a Move: We know it's not easy hitting on a chick. Unfortunately, that doesn't make us any more merciful. Start off with a lame line, and we're bound to shoot you down or, worse yet, ignore you. "How was your weekend?" "You seem like an interesting person." "How are you today?" Bo-ring. "Do you have any pictures of yourself in a bikini?" Pervert alert! "If you go out with me, I'll be eternally grateful." Yeah, um, no. You know what scores with women? Specificity. Take the time to get to know her virtually and respond specifically to something in her profile. Whether it's going to Coachella, eating cottage cheese with ketchup, or trekking to Machu Picchu, point out the bonds that exist between us. Before you know it, we'll be responding "yes" to your date request. The Frisky: Do You Suffer From Facebook Relationship Status Anxiety?

Real-Time Dating: Don't email us forever. Get on with it already! We're going to know within the first five minutes of meeting you if you're the guy for us or not. When we've gone back and forth via email for long enough to get comfortable, ask us out on a no-pressure date. Drinks or dinner. No movies or beach trip. Follow the golden rule: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid.) If you ask her out, and she hesitates significantly, turns you down, or blows you off, move on to the next one. If we don't jump at the bait, we're probably not really that interested. Once you're in the room together, well, that's on you, buddy. Just keep one thing in mind: Making a girl laugh is one of the surest ways to win her heart.

Written by staff for The Frisky.

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