5 Emergency Flirting Tips


5 Emergency Flirting Tips

3. Can you juggle?

This one doesn't really work if you're a woman but for men, it works like gangbusters. Better still, it's a skill pretty much anybody can learn in an afternoon.


Why juggling? Women are oddly compelled by men who can juggle. Even if you're the biggest geek on the planet, you'll suddenly seem a lot more interesting if you can keep five beer bottles simultaneously airborne.

Juggling Gurus Ryan and Phil began juggling at age 12 for fun and discovered by accident that juggling opened a lot of doors with women.

Ryan says, "Women really love juggling."

Oddly enough, I witnessed this phenomenon myself at a recent event. Two very average guys spent the entire afternoon in a large conference room at a media event with a lot of other people where they went largely unnoticed -- flying completely under the radar.

After the event ended, they began juggling in the corner as people were sort of milling around. Three minutes later, a HUGE crowd had gathered around them, including a number of very attractive women who elbowed their way to the front, and then stayed on to chat long after the juggling was over.

Why does it work? It's fun, it's non-threatening (unless you're juggling knives or hand grenades) and it puts you at the center of attention.

Juggling. It's not just for circus freaks.

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